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We update our book database weekly. If you need a program to open the spreadsheet, you can download the free OPEN OFFICE or LIBRE OFFICE

E-mail us at with a list of books you would like to order.

Please include details of the book in your mail, for example:

074821  Seagrave, Sterling         Yamato Dynasty    History   190 baht
065937  Pratchett, Terry Men at Arms Sci-Fi/Fantasy   350 baht


Please also indicate whether you would like the books shipped via Registered THAI POST or KERRY EXPRESS.

After we have received your request, we will confirm your order by e-mail and give you the grand total. This amount (total cost of books plus shipping & handling) should be transferred to our bank account in Chiang Mai. We will furnish you with the details when you place your order.

All book orders are usually shipped within 2 working days after you have made the payment and notify us with proof of transfer.